“I would highly recommend Guy as a shooting coach. I find that he is meticulous in setting your fundamentals straight, rigorous in his coaching, and excited about your development and success – all the things I personally look for in a coach. If you want to hone a proper technique, shoot well and not look like a newbie on the range, I think it is key to start with a rigorous (but friendly!) coach such as Guy first.”
S. Y. Tam, 'C' class Sporting Clays Shot.
“I’ve been shooting with Guy for the past decade and still learn something new in every lesson. Whether hunting, clay shooting or even looking for a new gun, he is always generous with his invaluable advice. I wholeheartedly recommend Guy as a top class coach and hunting agent, and am looking forward to shooting with him soon.”
Ong Liyen, 'A' class Sporting Clays shot and Safari hunter
“Guy is a great coach. He is especially good with beginners because he makes the lesson fun while emphasizing on safety and technique. He is able to both explain and demonstrate the finer points of shooting as he is one of the best sporting clay shooters in Singapore. He has been coaching me for about four years now and has helped me grow into the shooter I am today. “
Ian David Thomas, 16, , FITASC & Olympic Trap Junior
“For the past five consecutive years I have travelled to South Africa with a group of keen wing shooters from the National Shooting Centre, Singapore. Over the years, all our tours have been meticulously prepared, planned and executed by Mr. Guy Hoh of Blaze Sporting Clays and his support team headed by Professional Hunter Mr. Willie Vermaak in South Africa. All aspects from hassle free permits for personal firearms, warm welcomes with cold beer and Biltong on arrival in Johannesburg, excellent accommodation at farms, homesteads and family run hotels in the Free State where South African Hospitality , food, cosy,rustic environs and jovial banter around the Fireplace with a mellow Cape Brandy at hand after an adrenaline filled day of shooting ; makes these trips a priceless once in a lifetime experience. Trips so good that many have returned at least once, with most trying hard to make it a yearly affair.”
Mr. Johnny Walker, Chairman, Pacific Beverages Pte.Ltd Singapore…… Hoooligun Founder ( Leisure Department )