We answer some of the frequently asked questions about safaris here.

Q: Isn't South Africa very dangerous with a high crime rate?

A: The urban centres are where most crimes happen. We enjoy our safaris far away from those areas and as our valued guest, you will be met inside Johannesburg International Airport and escorted from then on by our staff who will see to your safety.

Q: What preventive medicine and inoculations should I get?

A: We recommend that you bring whatever prescription medications you use as well as a basic traveller's medical kit. It is wise when holidaying in Africa to get full travel and medical insurance for your trip. Inoculations for typhoid and tetanus are strongly recommended as a safety precaution. Some safaris also require you to have yellow fever vaccinations. In some areas an anti malarial drug is required like larium, although we much prefer you use malarone. We advise a trip to your doctor at least a month before your trip for vaccinations. A comprehensive first aid kit is carried by your professional hunter while hunting.

Q: What kind of experience do I need?

A: We cater to hunters of all levels of experience. We prefer that the hunter has some passing knowledge about the sport. If you are a total novice, shooting lessons can be had from Blaze Sporting Clays, three to six sessions should make it easy for you to transition from target shooting to the basics of hunting game in Africa. We do stress high levels of firearms safety for all including observers, so please be prepared by having a word with Guy @ 97953167 Blaze Sporting Clays.

Q: What if I wound an animal?

A: If you wound an animal, every effort will be made to track it, so that we may shoot it again. If this is not possible, our trackers will continue to track the animal after your departure, to do what is necessary and you'll still be charged the full trophy fee. If the animal is part of your package hunt, then that animal is considered shot and in the bag. We would urge every hunter that hunts with us to be mindful of the basic rules of ethical hunting and sportsman-like conduct. Your assistance and patience may be needed by your professional hunter and fellow hunters, and will be much appreciated when given. Hunting is a sport that has elements of chance and risk inherent in the activity, while we can give you a better than 95% chance at getting all your trophies, there may always be a chance that a missed shot or an unlucky day might see you miss a trophy or finish the hunt without completion of the package. We do stress that this is highly unlikely.

Q: What is the weather like?

A: During the peak hunting season from April to September, the weather will be warm in the day with cool nights. Daytime temperatures range from 18 ° Celsius to 30 ° Celsius. Night temperatures are cool sometimes reaching as low as 0-5 ° Celsius. A jumper and windbreaker are both necessary items of kit. In the later months from October onwards it is considered summer and will be very hot in the day and warm at night too. Expect temperatures very much like Singapore 's during these months.

Q: What should I pack?

A: Normal clothes in earth colours are the best. Khaki, greens and browns are the most suitable for hunting in and any comfortable casual clothing will do for the hunting lodges. It is advisable to bring comfortable clothes that have been worn several times before as they'll be worn in and not chafe should you walk some distance in the bush. Please bring one pair of strong hiking boots and one pair of sports shoes as the terrain can be rough.

Q: What special items should I bring?

A: Cameras, a good pair of binoculars and a knife are good things to have on hunting Safaris. We also find card games, a novel or two and a travel scrabble or chess set are great items to add to your bag.

Suggested packing list

• Long trousers (chinos or combat style) (2) • Hats/Caps (1)
• Shorts (2) • Sunglasses
• Jeans/slacks (1) • Sunblock
• Shirts Long Sleeved (2) • Travel First Aid Kit
• Shirts Short Sleeved (4) • Ear plugs (2pairs)
• Pyjamas (1) • Prescription Medicines
• Boots (1) • Binoculars
• Sports Shoes(1) • Camera
• Underwear for 6 days(socks etc) • Swiss Knife
• Swim trunks/suit (1) • Torch
• Slippers or Sandals(1) • Extra batteries
• Jumper(2) • Journal & writing kit
• Windbreaker(1) • Gloves (1 pair)

We can provide a fantastic deal on Safari tested gear for the hunter. Please ask for our current gear package!

Q: What if I have to cancel a booked and paid-for hunt?

A: We will try our best to reschedule booked hunts if given as much notice as possible. Payment must always be made in full 6 weeks before any Safari. In the event of cancellation within 6 weeks of the hunt, 50% of the fee is taken as a deposit and the rest is returned.